The Vernooy Kill State Forest is located on Lundy’s Road and Cutler Road in the town of Wawarsing, NY. This is located in Ulster County, NY and is made up of 3,660 acres.

Many visitors come to Vernooy Kill State Forest for target practice on Cutler Road. Over the past few years, the shooting area on Cutler Road has accumulated piles of garbage people left from objects they shot up and never bothered to carry out. The piles were scattered all over the big field and were in need of cleanup by our volunteers.

Morgan Duke Conservation Society signed a Volunteer Stewardship Agreement with NYSDEC to maintain and preserve the environment and natural resources in Vernooy Kill State Forest. In 2017, volunteers from Morgan Duke Conservation Society went to the Vernooy Kill State Forest shooting area on Cutler Road to clean up the upper field area; our volunteers filled more than seven contractor bags with trash. But, there is still more work to be done in Vernooy Kill State Forest and other areas on Lundy Road.


Morgan Duke Conservation Society educates the public about the importance of carrying out their own belongings because leaving trash on the ground can harm the environment and wildlife. For example, birds can mistake shotgun shells for food. We also aim to teach the public that if they are going to help pick up litter they should not leave garbage bags behind because the forest rangers will not pick up the bags. What’s more, bears and other wildlife can rip open the bags and make a big mess. We post flyers on community boards and drop off brochures at supermarkets to remind visitors that if they visit Vernooy Kill State Forest they should keep it clean for enjoyment by future generations.



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